Dried salted Tusk

Brosme brosme

The fish

Tusk (Brosme brosme) is brown or yellow-brown with a paler abdomen. Young fish have broad yellow bands around their bodies. The fins are edged in white. The fish has a slight overbite and a distinct chin barbel. Tusk is easily distinguished from other species by the long continuous dorsal fin that is connected to the rounded tail fin and anal fin. They average 70 cm in length and 3 kg in weight. They can reach sizes of up to 110 cm and 15 kg.


During production, the fish is cleaned of blood, washed and split to the tail. The sides are folded out. The fish is stacked with layers of salt between the fish. After two to three weeks, the salting process is complete and the fish is then dried. The fish should be stored in a dry and cool location at a temperature of between two and five degrees, and it will then have a shelf life of one to two years. When fish is processed in this manner, it retains its taste and nutritional value – the water has simply been removed. It is healthy, tasty and keeps for a long time - a genuine product of nature. The fish is packed in boxes of 9.08 kg (20lbs) and 25 kg or in larger cases of 50 kg.

Degree of dryness and sorting

The different degrees of dryness are: 7/8 dry, storage dry and extra storage dry.

Quality: Superior/imperial and Universal

25 kg

No per boxWeight per fish
4/64,17 - 6,25
7/92,78 - 3,57
10/122,08 - 2,50
13/151,67 - 1,92
16/201,25 - 1,56
21/300,83 - 1,19
31/400,63 - 080
41/500,50 - 0,60
51/700,36 - 0,49



Dried salted fish produced from ling is used a lot in casseroles, bolinos and migas. Cut the fish into pieces. The skin can be removed before the fish is soaked in water, but it is easier to remove afterwards. Place the pieces in a bowl with plenty of cold water for 24 to 48 hours – the longer you soak the fish, the bigger and chunkier the pieces will be. If the fish is large (3 kg or more), the pieces should be soaked for up to 48 hours. Change the water once a day.

It is a good idea to soak dried salted fish that is to be used in fried dishes longer than fish that is to be used in boiled dishes. If you are unsure, you can taste a little piece of the thickest part of the fish after it has been boiled for 5 to 10 minutes. It should have a mild salty flavour. Dried salted fish that has been soaked is perfect for freezing for later use. It may, therefore, be a good idea to soak a large quantity that can then be frozen. You then have fish that is ready to use should you suddenly feel like making bacalao.


Per 100 g


Energy kcal/kJ137kcal = 575kJ








Total fat content



Saturated fats






Dietary fibre






GDA = Guideline Daily Amount of calories and nutrients that should be included in the balanced diet (2,000 kcal) of an average adult.
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