Kommer snart

Brought to land

- We bring fresh fish to land from liner boats, but frozen fish is also transported from central freezer stores to us by road.

Unpacking and defrosting

- The fish is unpacked and placed directly in a computerized defrosting tank, which defrosts the fish to the required temperature (-1 to +2) before the fish is split.


- Salting is carried out in 1,000-liter containers. It takes a minimum of 14 days for the fish to mature in salt and brine.


- Salt-matured fish is then removed from the containers and cleaned of blood and loaded on pallets with more salt. The fish is then taken to dry.

Drying of bacalhau

- The drying takes two to four days depending on the size of the fish. After the fish has been cooled, it is ready to be sorted and packed.

Sorting and packing

- The fish is sorted by size using a grader. The fish is then packed in boxes or wooden cases, and stored in cold storage until delivery.